MANTA is a privately owned professional services firm with disciplines in management consulting, workflow automation and talent management.  Founded in 2003, MANTA has provided high quality services focused on delivering value for its customers.

Over the 10 years MANTA has developed its Best Practice Ecosystem (BPe) based on implementing various frameworks and methodologies in large complex organizations.  As MANTA continues to expand its practice disciplines, its’ BPe too will grow.

Through its managed services division, MANTA makes BPe available to small to mid sized corporations enabling a level of operational maturity that previously was only attainable for large enterprise.  By embedding BPe on the Service Now platform, organizations of all sizes can benefit from internationally accepted practices without an expensive and timing consuming process engineering exercise.

With headquarters in Toronto, Canada and operations in Calgary and Chicago, MANTA services the North American market.  Our intent is to truly help our customers realize the possible in the service automation realm.  Removing waste, reducing costs, improving customer service are key drivers for the work we do.  Delivering success for our customers takes on different meaning from one engagement to the next, but our team prides itself on delivering the same customer satisfaction our clients demand of themselves.

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