Four Lens Approach

Our unique approach to understanding problems has evolved from over ten years of experience in the industry and enables customers to change their perspective when taking a critical assessment of their organization.

The approach calls for a critical review of services, organization, process and technology.  Applying these four lenses allows customers to view things from a different perspective and assists in connecting the dots between service delivery functions.

The outcome is a broader understanding of; the services being offered, the organizational constraints and enablers, the processes used to manage service delivery and how technology is used to automate the process.

Service Lens > defines the mandate of group, function or organization being reviewed.  Customer walk away understanding the service supply chain, third party dependencies, individual roles in the delivery of service, customer impact, and opportunities to clarify the service offering.

Organization Lens > maps out the roles and responsibilities required to deliver services.  This results in customers understanding authorization requirements, span of control issues, third party interactions, functional hand-offs and more. Opportunities for organizational change are captured and prioritized.

Process Lens > leverages best practice frameworks and Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to optimize the management of and delivery of services. Removal of waste and wait times supports the creation of efficient and effective processes in support of service delivery.

Technology Lens > ensures that technology is being used appropriately and optimally to support the delivery of services. Opportunities for consolidation and automation are identified and prioritized, leaving customers with a full roadmap and implementation path to deliver quality service faster.