MANTA’s Best Practice Ecosytem (BPe)

Leveraging over ten years of consulting experience in best practices and combining it with a flexible seamless platform has led to a significant innovation for small to medium sized organizations.

The costs associated with process maturity are often too great for smaller organizations to invest in. They don’t benefit from scale and they don’t have the same complexity to manage as larger organizations. However, they do have similar risks, regulations and compliance concerns. Now with BPe, organizations of all sizes can benefit from years of accumulated investment, research and development and address organizational requirements at a fraction of the cost.


Going From Now To WOW!

Both tools and organizations evolve.  We believe that now is the time for WOW! Leveraging BPe is our strategy for achieving it.

As the Service Now platform evolves, so too do our services and capabilities. BPe will also evolve. The ecosystem of best practices continues to grow, as industry’s mature and standardize on ways of conducting business. Our next evolutions of BPe will include vendor management, HR management, Marketing and Event management and more. Our customers will be able to keep up with the rate of change in their industry by adopting these best practices as accelerators for their own instances of Service Now.

Our commitment is continue to leverage best practices, our experience and the Service Now platform to help you achieve WOW for your customers and your organizations.